हमारी सभी औषधियाँ 100% शुद्ध है क्योंकि हम यह हिमालय पहाड़ों से ताजी जडी बुटीयाँ खुद निकालते है अपने हाथों ध्दारा ओषधियाँ को शुध्द करते हैं।
गुणवत्ता के साथ कोई समझौता नही करते तभी हमारी औषधियाँ परिणाम भी सत्–प्रतिशत देती है।

All our medicines are 100% pure because we extract fresh herbs from the Himalayan mountains themselves and purify the medicines by our hands.
Our medicines give results even if we do not compromise with the quality. 

यह औषधियां बहुत ही कारगर और कामयाब है इनका फायदा कई फार्मूले में डालकर सेवन करने से बहुत ही जल्द से जल्द ही लाभ मिलता है और बीमारी को जड़ से ठीक कर देता है। आप असली औषधिया ही सेवन करें

Amrit Kayapalat Sat putti अमृत कायापलट सत पुट्टी
Dev Ras देव रस
Calcium Buti कैल्शियम बूटी
Dev Ras Butti Ras देव रस बूटी रस
Sada Mastani Sat spl. सदा मस्तानी सत स्पेशल
Mard Yovan Ras मर्द योवन रस
7Sagar Simrat Ras सागर सिम्रत रस
Namardi Tel नामर्दी तेल
Mardana Sakti Swarn Roj मर्दाना शक्ति स्वर्ण रोज
Jivan Shakti Pills जीवन शक्ती पिल्स
Jantu Kitanu Buti जन्तु कीटाणु बूटी
Devraj Buti देवराज बूटी
Amrit Kalash Buti अमृत कलश बूटी
Amrut Johar Jinda Johar Buti अमृत जोहर जिन्दा जोहर बूटी
Mardana Sakti Swarn मर्दाना शक्ति स्वर्ण
Amrit Johar Ras अमृत जोहर रस
Paushtik Rasayan पौष्टिक रसायन
Kayapalat Sat Buti कायापलट सत बूटी
Jivan Amrit Butika Ras
जीवन अमृत बुटीका रस
Amrit Johar Sat अमृत जोहर सत
Namardhi Tila नामर्दी तिला
Arogya sat  आरोग्य सत
Resham Kasturi रेशम कस्तुरी
Paushtik Rasayan पौष्टिक रसायन
Pancreas Rasayan पैंक्रियाज रसायन
Putra Ratan Prapti Ras पुत्र रत्न प्राप्ती रस
Vajeekaran yon shakti ras वाजीकरण यौन शक्ति रस
Anand Buti आनंद बूटी
29 Calcium Butika Ras कैल्शियम बूटी का रस
Dukh Dabaav Indrayani Tel दुःख दबाव इंद्रायणी तेल
Hira Ambar Tel spl. हीरा अम्बर तेल स्पेशल
Joshila Amar Tel जोशिला अमर तेल
Badshahi Tilha बादशाही तिल्हा
Heerachi Tamani tel हीराचि तामणि तेल
Spl. Stamban Tila Hira Moti yukt स्पे. स्तम्बन तिला हिरा मोती युक्त
Jantu Kitanu Buti जन्तु कीटाणु बूटी
Johar Kasturi Bhasm जौहर कस्तुरी भस्म
Sal Bhaskar Sat सळ भास्कर सत
Kasturi Tila कस्तूरी तिल्हा
Kaf Nashak Rasayan  कफ नाशक रसायन
Pitt Nashak Rasayan  पित्त नाशक रसायन
Vat Nashak Rasayan  वात नाशक रसायन
Jaharpat Roganu Haluri Buti  जहरपात रोगाणु हलुरी बूटी
Swarn Bhasm स्वर्ण भस्म


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Welcome to Ayurvedic

Ayurveda is an ancient system of life (Ayur) knowledge (Veda) arising in India thousands of years ago. Ayurveda theory evolved from a deep understanding of creation. The great rishis or seers of ancient India came to understand creation through deep meditation and other spiritual practices. The rishis sought to reveal the deepest truths of human physiology and health. They observed the fundamentals of life, organized them into an elaborate system, and compiled India’s philosophical and spiritual texts, called Veda of knowledge. Ayurveda was first recorded in the Veda, the world’s oldest existing literature. The three most important Veda texts containing the original and complete knowledge of Ayurveda, believed to be over 1200 years old, is still in use today. These Ayurvedic teachings were customarily passed on orally from teacher to student for over 1000 years. The wisdom of Ayurveda is recorded in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India that reflects the philosophy behind Ayurveda and the depth within it.

What is Tridosh ?

According to Ayurveda, the body and its functioning depends on these three grounds: Vaat and Kaph Pitta. If all three of them are in a balanced state in the body, then you are healthy  has gone.

VAAT DOSH- Vaat dosh is created of these two elements, air and sky. Any process in our body which has mobility or movement is due to vaat.

PITT DOSH- Pitt dosh is made up of these two elements Agni(fire) and Water. Everything we eat and drink is converted into blood, plasma, mull(waste) urine, etc. by the pitt.

Kaph dosh- Kaph dosh is made up of these two elements, earth and water. Any fluidity or smoothness inside our body is dominated by Kaph. The body’s mental and physical abilities are also endowed by Kapha.



Why Choose Us

Ayurveda greatly influenced health care practices in the east and the west. By 400 AD Ayurvedic works were translated into Chinese; by 700 AD Chinese scholars were studying medicine in India at Nalanda University. Chinese medicine, herbology, and Buddhist philosophy were also impacted by Ayurvedic knowledge. Having passed the test of experience it remains essentially the same now as at its inception, although numerous commentators over the centuries have added insight with their analyses. The philosophy of Ayurveda teaches a series of conceptual systems characterized by balance and disorder, health and disease. Disease/health results from the interconnectedness between the self, personality, and everything that occurs in the mental, emotional, and spiritual being. To be healthy, harmony must exist between the purpose of healing, thoughts, feelings and physical action. Ayurveda is a careful integration of six important Indian philosophical systems, many physical/behavioral sciences, and the medical arts. One verse from an ancient authority says Ayurveda deals with what is a good life and a bad life, happiness and misery, that which supports or destroys, and the measurement of life.

Ayurvedic Formulas

It works to heal the sick, to maintain health in the healthy, and to prevent disease in order to promote quality of life and long life. Health is defined as an experience of bliss/happiness in the soul, mind, and senses and balance of the body’s three governing principles, seven tissues, three wastes, digestion, and other processes such as immune functioning. Health is not the absence of symptoms. Ayurveda has objective ways to assess each of these, pulse assessment being the primary means.
Its central tenet is that life is a combination of body, mind, senses, and spirit (more than a mind-body system). Nothing exists but for the pre-existence of and working of a Supreme Intelligence/Consciousness – an elemental, all-powerful, all-pervading spirit-energy that expresses Itself through and in the creation. Ayurveda seeks to know this aspect of life, the subjective (internal) as well as the objective (outer). 

Ayurvedic medicine